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"be Unique."

We will continue to stimulate people’s inner creativity to bring out everyone’s uniqueness.

KOKUYO is a humanistic organization that priorities the user’s needs and interests. Every design and detail of KOKUYO’s products is designed and developed to not only look good but to be as user-friendly as possible.

​KOKUYO's three business areas


​KOKUYO's stationery business has always focused on providing value to the customer, and to maximize that value we have adopted an "axial" value chain business model which links together development, production, sales and distribution.


KOKUYO’S Furniture business is involved in the production and sale of office furniture, store fixtures and furniture for public spaces, as well as the configuration of various kinds of public and commercial spaces.


In the office mail-order business, centered on the "KAUNET" office mail-order business in Japan, the company has developed diversified business such as mail-order business for individuals, a wholesale business, electronic purchasing systems, and the operation of information sites and aims at contributing to customers by providing 'Things (mono)', 'Systems', and 'Information'.


​Milestone & History


Zentaro Kuroda started a “Kuroda Ledger Cover shop” for contracting them manufacturing of Japanese

account ledgers.


The trademark was determined to be “KOKUYO”.


Entry into the office furniture business. First steel product: Filling cabinet


“Live Showroom”, the entire building was accessible to the public, was implemented in the Osaka’s head office.


Office-related research/information journal ECĺFFO is issued.
The name ECIFFO is OFFICE written backwards.


In 1993 , marked the commencement of KOKUYO’s steel manufacturing plant in Mie’s prefecture .The following year

in 1994 , Shibayama’s materials manufactured plant started it operation , In 1997 , KOKUYO’s opened its first manufacturing plant outside Japan in Malaysia.


​"KOKUYO VIETNAM CO.,LTD" was established.


​"KOKUYO VIETNAM TRADING CO.,LTD" was established.


​Vietnam Business

​Kokuyo Vietnam Co.,Ltd

​Kokuyo Vietnam Trading Co.,Ltd

​Kokuyo Vietnam Trading Co.,Ltd

​Kokuyo Vietnam Co.,Ltd

​Kokuyo Vietnam Trading Co.,Ltd




​business content

​・Sales of stationery for Vietnam
​・Sales of office furniture for Vietnam


​・Sales of stationery for Vietnam
​・Sales of office furniture for Vietnam


Land plot B2-B7, Japan-Haiphong IZ, An Duong District, Haiphong City, Vietnam

​headquarters location

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